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Corporation tax

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Corporation tax for companies, subsidiaries and stable places of business

Your plant in Belgium needs assistance in tax matters ?

  • Drawing up of the detailed financial plan to be submitted to the notary public, evaluation for the first years of the fiscal impact and calculation of the foreseeable tax expenses.
  • Preparation and checking of tax returns and of the statutory appendices.
  • Checking of the calculation of previous assessments, tax simulations prior to major investments, investment allowance.
  • Assistance, meticulous preparation and advice with a view to a controlled management of tax inspections on site or in our offices (= your choice); traditional inspections, "AFER" (notice of tax register abstract) inspections and VAT inspections.
  • Preparation of the elements for replies to requests for information and to notices of rectification, as well as for tax claims to be lodged (note: deadline reduced to three months!)
  • Assistance and representation vis-à-vis the tax authorities in the event of disputed taxes, swift submission of tax claims.
  • Advice concerning company reorganisation, reduction of capital, winding up.
  • Swift and efficient management of automatic tax rebates, direct contacts with the tax authorities.
  • Easy guidance towards the firms of company auditors and chartered accountants with whom we collaborate on a regular basis and the calculation of the foreseeable tax expenses.

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