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Tax simulations and optimisation


our tax simulations take in account your long term economic objectivesOur fiscal expertise for individuals (IPP) provides personalised tax planning based on detailed long-term simulations. Our goal is to lower your taxes on investments, real estate and professional income thanks to the most up-to-date legal information.

We provide the following services:

  • Personal advice and the development of a tax strategy (finance, retirement)
  • Preparation of your IPP tax return and of all legal schedules
  • Assistance, advice and tax audits on site or in our offices
  • Preparation and management of responses to requests for information, correction notices and tax claims
  • Pre-payment simulations and strategies
  • Optimisation of professional losses, capital gains and foreign income
  • Salaried employees: assessment of actual professional expenses, “tailored” tax schedules
  • Indicial system defences
  • Elimination of automatic taxation

We approach every file with the intent of finding a negotiated solution with the tax authorities. This is usually preferable for our clients since it eliminates expensive legal fees.

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