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The fees payable for our tax consulting services


discussion of your tax needsFee policy:

The fees payable for our tax consulting services are always set further to prior discussion with the client.


The fees are agreed freely between the client and the tax consultant, and their amount should be a true reflection of the value of the professional services provided.

The tax consultant’s pay varies according (primarily) to the following criteria: the scale and scope of the assignment, the expertise needed to carry out the assignment, the research work, and of course the time spent on carrying out the assignment.

The first appointment is only slightly billed, whether or not the matter is subsequently entrusted to our firm. Very often, the client comes to us with an isolated problem that can be solved straight away during this first meeting.

We would therefore kindly request you to fill in our contact form, giving a few details about the tax matter to be analysed or dealt with, and specifying whether you would prefer us to get back to you by e-mail or by phone.

Lump-sum package and Success Fees:

A lump-sum fee package to cover the start of our assignment may be agreed for tax questions or analyses the scope of which has not been fully defined, in particular as regards optimisation of the tax situation, new company start-up, a tax claim, etc.

If they cannot be calculated on the basis of the tax gains obtained by the client, “success fees” (in addition to the standard fees) may be requested in recognition of the effectiveness of the services rendered.

In the case of certain assignments, regional grants for consulting services may cover part of the invoiced fee, provided the grant application is lodged before the assignment is carried out.

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